Monday, February 17, 2014

Using Your Laser Printer Plus Fax Combo Machine Is Fast And Easy

It’s nice to not have to fill the office with bulky copy equipment that only specializes in one task. This has helped make the office a lot less cluttered, as well as it cuts down on the number of devices that could break down. It’s still important to learn how to use your new office toys to prevent jams and malfunctions. When you buy the machine new, you will usually get instruction on how to operate the laser printer plus fax machine. Sending faxes is not hard at all. Let take an HP Laser Jet Printer for an example.

Begin by pressing the power button located on the laser printer. Make sure the device is on and in the “ready” state. If the document that you want to fax is a single page, load it to the scanner’s flatbed glass. To do this, lift the scanner lid and place the document face down in the upper left corner of the glass. Then close the lid. If you have multiple pages that you want to fax, then use the printer’s Automatic Document Feeder, also known as the ADF. To use the ADF, first align the stack of paper you want to fax by tapping it on a flat surface. Doing this will organize and align the documents to fit neatly in the tray.  

Load the paper in the ADF with the printed side face up. Slide the paper width guides inward until they stop at the edge of the paper. Do not push the guides in so tightly that they start to bend the paper. Once the document is loaded into the laser printer, you can input the correct fax number on the printer’s number pad. Next, press the Send Fax Button. This button looks like a phone next to a piece of paper. The printer will scan the page or pages and then send the fax to the number entered. 

If you are not the most tech savvy person in the office, then it might be best to get a little more office training or help before you start operating equipment that is somewhat foreign to you. As the technology used in making the office equipment becomes more advanced, you can damage the printer/fax machine by not understanding how to use it properly. If the machine needs repair, it’s not the end of the world or the device. A simple google search for a Laser Printer Repair Phoenix technician will help you find a qualified tech in the area to get you back up and running.

Operating Your Laser Printer Should Be Quick And Easy

Many laser printers and copy equipment have a lot of the same basic options and settings. It’s good to get to know your machine before you put it to work. You can achieve this by locating the manual and reading about how to operate the printer. If you are not able to find the instructions, a google search using the model name or number will allow you to read online. Operating the basic functions of a laser printer is not too difficult at all.

First you load the paper in the tray with all the text facing up. Once you have the paper positioned correctly in the copy machine, you want to go to the control panel and select copy. The control panel will usually shoot a few options at you due to it being multifaceted (laser printer, scanner, fax, copy, etc.). Make sure to pay attention to the paper size. In most cases the copy machine will display a few options. Select the right paper size, if it is not already selected by default, and then select whether it should print out on a single side or double side. In some cases the laser printer will allow you to select if you want the print out to be hole punched or stapled. Once you have all the correct settings, you’re ready to print.

If you want to have multiple copies to print out, first type in the number you want to print into the control panel. So if you want 25, input the number 25 using the pad, and you should see the numbers in the top right corner usually. If you make a mistake and hit the wrong button, most copy machines will have either a standard backspace button, or clear all. Hit start, and you are all set. If you want to print in color, maybe for a flier or whatever you have going on, all you have to do is load the colored paper in the paper tray. It’s also a good idea to send a memo, to the others in the office, to not print on the printer that you are using while you are printing with colored paper. 

Many copy machine repair orders are due to misuse of the equipment. It’s best to educate yourself prior to operating by reading the manual or through proper training. Laser Printer Repair Phoenix is a great way to find a qualified laser printer technician in the area. The tech will be able to repair your equipment and give you proper instructions on how to operate your machine that will not be damaging to it.