Friday, April 11, 2014

Laser Printers vs. Ink Printers

When it comes to Office printer repair it matters what type of Device you have. Laser and ink printers both work slightly differently to create images on a page. Copy machine repair services are designed to keep your office tools working effectively, but that is only after you choose the right options for your office. Deciding between a laser or ink unit often comes down to preference, but you must be aware of the differences between each type. So before you call the copy machine repair guy, you have to choose the right printer for your office.

What Is The Main Difference
The main difference between an ink and a laser printer is how the image is created. An ink copy machine produces a digital image through the use of ink spots being put on paper. However, a laser printer works differently creating an image by scanning beams of lasers across photoreceptors. This creates images that look different and are not the same. How do you know which type of device is best for your office?

Pros and Cons of Ink Printers
Ink printers are ideal for printing photographs or detailed images. They are great for blending colors and are often more affordable than laser printing counterparts. Refilling an inkjet unit is a lot more affordable than a toner cartridge for a laser machine and you do not have to warm-up an ink device before you start a printing job. However, the cons to using an ink machine involve the water-based ink. This ink is susceptible to fading over time and ink printers are a lot slower than typical laser units.

Pros and Cons of Laser Printer
Laser printers are so much faster than ink units and are great for print jobs that include a high number of pages. If you are looking to print mostly black text, a laser printer really is the more ideal option. It is great for printing even the smallest font sizes and fine lines. However, the cons associated with a laser machines are mostly price and color. Laser machines are much more expensive, but you will often get your value back over time. It is also not the ideal option for printing color images. 

Office printer machines and office copy machine repair services will keep your office accessories running like new. However, deciding between laser or ink devices is mostly all about your preferences and needs.  If you have any more trouble, then a simple Google search for Copy Machine Repair Phoenix companies will produce a variety of businesses in the area.

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