Friday, April 11, 2014

Proper Laser Printer And Fax Machine Cleaning

There are many items in your office that are essential to your productivity. No matter if you are working from home or simply use your home office for everyday tasks, you should be aware of proper laser printer and fax machine cleaning tips. If copy machine repair is something that you are looking to avoid, you should know
upkeep secrets that will keep your printer or fax machine running like new. Office copy machine repair is sometime unavoidable, but cleaning your copier and fax machine will increase their durability.  Copy machine repair will only be needed sporadically if you follow these simple cleaning tips.

Keep An Eye Out
The best way to tell if your copier or fax machine need a cleaning is by giving these office accessories an eye test. Fax machine repair can be put off, if you simply keep dust and dirt cleaned off of your office items. Try to give your copy machines a cleaning once every week to ensure that dust or dirt buildup is not occurring. It can also be a great idea to regularly check and see if paper is getting caught at all. Simply keeping an eye out is the first step to proper cleaning techniques.

Unplug Before You Clean
It is always suggested that you unplug your laser printer or fax machine before you begin cleaning. Canned air is normally the best way to get rid of dust and dirt buildup, but you must have these devices unplugged before you begin using canned air. You can purchase canned air from almost any office supply store and you use this spray to get the dirt and dust out of crevices within your copy machines. You can follow the directions on the canned air spray can for the best results.

Lint Free Cloth
Another cleaning tool that is really helpful when it comes to your fax machine and laser printer is a lint free cloth. You can use this type of cloth to carefully wipe down the outside of these machines with ease. You can also get underneath these office devices and reach crevices that are hard to get. 

Read The Instructions
It should also be important to note that laser printers and fax machines also have specialized cleaning functions that you should be aware of. You can consult with the owner’s manual to make sure that you properly clean the print cartridge and scanner head. These simple steps will keep you from needing Laser Printer Repair Phoenix services.

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